Oils for hair growth

Oils for hair growth

Olive oil has long been known for its benefits within the health community, but did you know that both olive and coconut oils be used straight on your hair?

Moisture content and loss

Oils have always been known to slow moisture loss from the hair. It has been shown however, that with oil already on the hair it cannot absorb more moisture but it doesn’t lose the moisture that is already on the follicle to start with. This can be a great thing for people who suffer from frizzy and flyaway hair. The reasoning for this is due to naturally occurring vitamin E, which olive oil has quite a lot of. Vitamin E has been known for its great antioxidant properties and ability to keep the skin moist and protected from free radical damage.click here for more details.

Split ends

While there is no proof that olive oil has the ability to repair split ends, it does protect the follicles from physical damage. Untreated hair has a tendency to lose and absorb water easy, placing it in a constant state of hygral fatigue. This is the natural process of the hair shaft enlarging and contracting and can cause damage to the ends. for more about hair growth, visit : http://www.rapidhairsolutions.com/

Natural oils help prevent this process and reverse the effects in several ways. The oil prevents the existing moisture from being dried out of the hair while preventing the absorption of more, thus creating less hygral fatigue. Less fatigue means less damage the strands of hair and could cause them to be less vulnerable. Coconut oil is another oil that been known to reduce this loss in hair and can make it stronger.

Hair infections and oils

Dermatophyte is a group of common types of fungus that occur in the keratin, the major structural protein. These types of fungus are commonly referred to Athlete’s foot, ringworm and tinea. Scalp infections are usually easier to treat and tame with just olive oil.

Hair care and olive oil

When choosing the right oil, make sure that you’re either using virgin or EVOO. This means the oils has been made with no heat and/or chemicals. Start with one treatment a week, or if you choose to and have really damaged or dry you can try twice.

Option 1: Essential oil and olive oil mask

Start with a small amount of olive oil and heat until warm. If you want extra moisturizing and antimicrobial affects then add a couple of drops of either tea tree or peppermint oil, plus the smell amazing! Once the mixture is warmed up, put on your hair a little bit at a time. Massage in for a few minutes and them wrap your hair in shower cap and leave it on for a at least 3 hours or best overnight. Once it’s been in long enough, just wash and condition your hair as normal.

Oils for hair growth

Option 2: Coconut and olive oil

By mixing both of these oils in a 2:1 ratio (coconut to olive oil) you get all the amazing benefits of both at the same time. Just massage into your scalp from the base to ends and leave it in for 15 minutes. Then just wash and condition as usual.